MAD CIRCUIT – Yipikaye

MAD CIRCUIT – Yipikaye

The best way to stick with the people is to shine with your own style. Bringing your own special sound to the world, that makes them want to come back to hear, the incredible jams that you have for them to enjoy. With a group like MAD CIRCUIT you can always expect a smash that sounds like th life of the party, and their latest release “Yipikaye” is no different.

MAD CIRCUIT continues to light up the world with their fire sound on the new release “Yipikaye”. The sound brings the perfect blend of Hip Hop, EDM, and Pop to bring one amazing sound that brings more to whoever it’s played. The fun in the sound makes you want to enjoy instantly, with the infectious energy of the music taking over the body to make you want to dance, as you get to take in the impressive rhyming and singing to the fullest on this sure hit.

MAD CIRCUIT’s “Yipikaye” is a major record that exceeds in every way musically, while still bringing something with supreme appeal that will have the whole world partying to their sound. Every element comes together to show the magic of creatives coming together to make one must hear sound, as each element does it’s part to make sure we get to enjoy every second of the art they bless us with.

Check out Mad CIRCUIT “Yipikaye” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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