Angela Sclafani – Edge of Seventeen

Angela Sclafani – Edge of Seventeen

One of the toughest things to do musically is cover classic record. Especially if it’s one those records people deem impossible to touch. One of those records that made such an impact to the people, that one can feel the original is more than enough, but some people pull it off just right. When we seen Angela Sclafani covering “Edge of Seventeen”, we weren’t sure what to expect, but what she delivered was nothing short of sheer brilliance.

Angela Sclafani takes on a classic with a fresh approach thats must hear on her cover of “Edge of Seventeen”. The music is able to capture the magic of the original, while she still makes it her own to make something truly special to witness. She’s masterful in her vocal tone as shes commanding, and impossible to ignore as you feel the music, that is builds well throughout, to make a record that captivates the listener for every second.

Angela Sclafani’s “Edge of Seventeen” is incredible music that showcases her major talent to the fullest. She takes chances with taking on a classic, but rises to the occasion to not only do the song justice, but make you enjoy the original more, as well as her amazing take that you will want to keep hearing for time to come.

Check out Angela Sclafani “Edge of Seventeen” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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