Jr. Rhodes x Lexipaz – Innocent

Jr. Rhodes x Lexipaz – Innocent

Now more than ever artists are putting their all in their music. Not only in effort to make a great sound, but putting their life out there for people to relate to, as well as get to know the person behind the music in a real way. That type of connection only comes from an artist being fearless enough, to bring that realism to the music to make it something that you feel the soul in. That is what you will love about the new song from Jr. Rhodes called “Innocent” featuring Lexipaz.

Jr. Rhodes brings a heartfelt must hear record full of conviction on the new song “Innocent”. The production sets the tone for the work, with a chill sound setting the soulful tone for Jr. to deliver his truth on. With the tone set he delivers his lyrics with a powerful flow that is filled with ambition, as well as masterful in it’s ability to convey emotion to make a record that is not only heard, but felt to the fullest to make it a complete piece worth every listen for us all, with Lexipaz adding that special touch to make it that much more reeler for the audience.

Jr. Rhodes featuring Lexipaz “Innocent” is that honest work of music that the culture is looking for. In a time where vibe is a focus, he brings a vibe that you feel in your soul, that can only come from an artist being authentic in their approach to get us by through music. If you love hearing the real in music, you will enjoy everything about this must hear record.

Check out Jr. Rhodes featuring Lexipaz “Innocent” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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