Elle Nikole – Occupied

Elle Nikole – Occupied

R&B music is some of the most timeless music out there. A genre that resonates like no other, because of the soul put into the music that feels good to hear. That vibe is what people will forever run to, as we get these classic records from our favorite artists, and Elle Nikole brings that smooth soul sound that you will love on her new song “Occupied”.

Elle Nikole captures the magic of love songs on the new song “Occupied”. The sound resonates instantly as she brings a fresh approach, to a classic sound to have something for everyone to enjoy. She delivers majorly in the vocals, with a sweet tone that feels just as good as it sounds to hear, to make sure the writing is brought to life for everyone to feel and enjoy.

Elle Nikole’s “Occupied” is a blissful body of work with unlimited replay value. The vibes of the music get you invested for every second, as this songstress shows off her talent in a real way to give the people that more they seek, and deserve in the music. The production is smooth, the vocal performance shines through, and the writing is amazing in it’s articulation to deliver an incredible sound, needed now more than ever.

Check out Elle Nikole “Occupied” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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