Garry With Two R’s – I Get It

Garry With Two R’s – I Get It

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and starting off the week on a high note. To kick off the week we always bring the major releases, that are undeniable and must hear, to make sure we set the week off on a strong foot. To kick off the week it was an absolute must we bring the master class record “I Get It” from Garry With Two R’s.

Garry With Two R’s shows the true power of emceeing on his new song “I Get It”. The sound has a nice authentic boom bap feel to it, with a fresh twist to give everyone a sound they can enjoy. With the production in motion, Garry With Two R’s takes off with impeccable rhyming that shows how much presence, great lyricism can have while firing off with his ambitious flow, that you can hear his desire to rip this beat into pieces.

Garry With Two R’s “I Get It” is an exciting display of Hip Hop that bridges the gap for casuals and purists to enjoy something alike. Everything about this record shines and makes for an experience you will enjoy every second of. From his high powered flow, sharp rhyming, and dope production, it all comes together in a divine way to give the world something to rock to.

Check out Garry With Two R’s “I Get It” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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