Micky James – Not Okay

Micky James – Not Okay

Music is always something the people go to when they need a pick me up. Looking for records filled with optimistic energy, that talks to you in a way to make you keep going through the toughest times life can offer. That experience is one music’s greatest assets that makes people run to it for a lifetime, and Micky James brings that type of music on the new song “Not Okay”.

Micky James delivers a masterpiece that lifts the spirit on the new song “Not Okay”. The sound is amazing and well produced with big time sound to it, that is electrifying in it’s pursuit to make something beyond extraordinary. The writing is perfect with relatable substance we can all feel. The icing on the cake is the incredible vocal performance that’s big time enough to take the song to it’s rightful destination.

Micky James “Not Okay” is that music the world needs to hear. A record packed with so many stellar elements to it, that it can leave one speechless, and filled with awe. It’s the perfect record at the perfect time that you must slow down to take in the feel good vibes of it, as it gives you that more we all need to push forward, on this never give up anthem.

Check out Micky James “Not Okay” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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