Emmitt Dupree – Class Clown

Emmitt Dupree – Class Clown

Hip Hop has long been a genre built on it’s story telling. Artists telling the stories of their life, in a way that makes it relatable for people everywhere to relate to. That type of Hip Hop forever makes fans out of the people, with you being able to feel like you know them, based on the truth in their music. Emmitt Dupree brings that type of music on his new song “Class Clown”.

Emmitt Dupree gives his all on this coming of age record “Class Clown”. He brings high grade emceeing and lyricism that he delivers masterfully. His knack for putting the right energy into his flow. is what sells this song to the fullest, with star charisma to the approach that you feel, in your chest as he delivers the intricate writing exactly how it should be heard. It all takes place over a production with knocking 808’s that are a match made in heaven with his style, to make it a record that connects in every way.

Emmit Dupree’s “Class Clown” is that Hip Hop music rooted in soul that will always last the times. He bares his soul in his music in a fun way to deliver a message for the people, while still showing a high level of artistry to make it enjoyable for the masses. If you love that real music you can feel, you will love every second of the sound he gives in this special record you should hear now!

Check out Emmitt Dupree “Class Clown” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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