Daada – Lemon Drop Love

Daada – Lemon Drop Love

When hearing new music, the goal is to hear something fresh. Hear something that stands out from the music that you’re familiar with, to give you something new to enjoy. In a time where a lot of music can have the same texture, songs that bring an original sound always stand out, and stick with you as you get to explore the sound. Daada brings her own special sound that will be sure to stick with you on her new song “Lemon Drop Love”.

Daada brings a abstract piece of art you can enjoy with every second of on the new song “Lemon Drop Love”. The sound is hypnotizing, and leaves you stuck as soon as you hear it, with a unique approach that keeps you engaged to see what happens next. Once you get lost in the sound, you are able to take in Daada’s soulful vocals that have a presence to them, that brings the writing to life even more to make sure everything falls together in it’s own divine way.

Daada’s “Lemon Drop Love” is an innovative record that shows the magic of an original sound. It stays out of falling in a box, by being it’s own wave of great music that sweeps the listener. If you love good creative music, you will have infinite reasons to love this special piece of art.

Check out Daada “Lemon Drop Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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