Viana – About the Money

Viana – About the Money

Music that lasts the times is music with substance. That music that you can feel, that is relatable and connects with you, as it speaks to you in a way that most songs don’t. When you can feel the music, it makes you make a connection with not only the song, but the person behind the music, as you feel they understand the way life really works, and Viana gives you that feeling on the new song “About the Money”.

Viana gives you the perfect song you can let your mind get away to on her new song “About the Money”. As soon as you hit play, you get to feel the energy of the music, with a sound that makes you feel like you’re on vacation at one of the happiest places you can be. The vocal performance matches the sound just right, with a blissful tone that makes everything that ,much more enjoyable, as you get to enjoy the writing that makes you enjoy the simple things in this money hungry world.

Viana’s “About the Money” is fun record that shines bright to give the listener all they could need and more. The music just feels good to hear, to the point you just relax and take in the music, with a must hear sound that makes you leave your subjectivity at the door. Hit play now and enjoy the good vibes of Viana’s sound.

Check out Viana “About the Money” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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