TENNIN – Totally

TENNIN – Totally

One of the best parts of having the platform, is being able to witness supreme talent. Those acts who you become familiar with, as you get a front row seat to the greatness that they give to the world. That’s the way that TENNIN makes us feel with every release, and she’s back to give us more of what we love with the new song “Totally”.

TENNIN gives us her signature smooth soul sound on the new song “Totally”. The music has that classic feel that made people fall in love with R&B music, with smooth grooves and melodies that you feel in the spirit. Her fresh approach to the music, resonates in a real way with you being able to enjoy the vibes she creates for us to take in her melancholic melodies. As you feel each element of the music, you are bale to fully dive into the writing that everyone can feel, as she dives into impossible relationships that the masses can relate to.

TENNIN’s “Totally” is an amazing display of music, that gives you something that’s real, as well as something you can enjoy in every way. Each element shines to the fullest, and gives people that music that they feel they’ve been missing, with so much soul to the music you will be able to run back to this sure hit for time to come.

Check out TENNIN “Totally” below and follow follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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