Artist Spotlight: Tomidrey

Artist Spotlight: Tomidrey

Music is a lot of things for the people, including an escape. That music that you run to when you need to feel something good, after a long day. That’s one of the elements that gives music it’s glow and power, as it’s one of the best sources of entertainment, that makes life better to enjoy. That feel good spirit that resonates in the music is what shines the most about Tomidrey’s music.

A multitalented artist who does it all from producing, writing, mixing, and singing to put together his must hear sound full of vibes. Each record is laced with infectious grooves that not only feel good when you hear them, but make you want to move, as you get swept up in his amazing sound that delivers in every way.

His sound is on full bloom on his fresh new project called “Blue Roses”. A six track EP that gives you all you couldn’t want from an artist and more. You get to hear his talent shine through on records like “Off My Mind” and “Them Boys”. Both capturing an Afrobeats sound, while his smooth vocals slide into the listener’s ear to make sure it all is enjoyable for every second of audio he gives to the world.

If you love good music that you can feel, as well as groove to. You will want to take in the must hear sound of Tomidrey now!

Check out Tomidrey “Blue Roses” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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