ROMderful – ALIENS!

ROMderful – ALIENS!

An artist is always most enjoyable when you get to hear their creative sound, that stands out from everything else you hear. That original flavor to the music that makes them a go to, as you can’t get their sound from anyone else. That type of music what makes hearing an artist fun to do, and ROMderful shines with his own must hear sound, on the new song “ALIENS!”.

ROMderful brings an out of this world sound that feels good to hear for every second on the new song “ALIENS!”. Everything works together to bring the title to life, to make sure we take in the full vision of meeting someone one out of this world. The production has a spacey funky sound that makes you feel like you’re walking on the moon, as you get to take in the soulful vocals, that deliver the writing with blissful tone to make sure, it gives you a high like no other.

ROMderful’s “ALIENS!” is an incredible record that is everything you hope to hear when playing something new. He gives you something fresh, that you’ve never heard before and brings a Hugh level of creativity to make sure this is a stand out record, that you will want to keep on repeat because of the special feeling the music invokes.

Check out ROMderful “ALIENS!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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