Jake Adler- SOS

Jake Adler- SOS

One of the best tools of music is the story telling. The tales we hear in the music that paints picture for us to follow, as always helped music have a special place in our life for generations. That element is what makes you connect to the person behind the music more and Jake Adler captured this feel to a genius level on his new song “SOS”.

Jake Adler gives us an intimate experience of music for us to feel on his new song “SOS”. He gives a master class of music to make you enjoy the soul all over this record, with him giving creative story telling to help the listener get through anxiety and depression. The vocals are masterful in the tone and he delivers it just right over this acoustic production to make it a masterpiece for us all to love.

Jake Adler’s “SOS” is a true display of the art of music with him delivering an undeniable performance at every level. The lyrics are relatable and carries the honesty music is known for in every line, that makes it connect to the listener and it’s all delivered to perfection to make it a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Jake Adler “SOS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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