Gianni Mae – Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer (Official Video)

Gianni Mae – Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer (Official Video)

For a mega hit of a record, it’s important to bring the right visuals to take things over the top. Those must see videos that bring the vision full circle, to make sure people can enjoy the music in every way possible. If you’re a true fan of music, you probably fell in love with music through the visuals, and Gianni Mae brings that level of music on the new video for “Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer”.

Gianni Mae brings her vision to life for the new must see video for “Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer”. Her presence is felt in the music, and shines even more as you get to see her star power shine to the fullest, to make sure we all buy into her artistry just right. The music knocks even more and makes for a fun experience that you will keep wanting to see, as she gives more life to the culture with her amazing display of art that makes, things fresh for us all to enjoy.

Gianni Mae’s “Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer” is an amazing record and visuals that, give her the proper light due for her supreme level of talent. She shows off her talent majorly in every way, as well as make engaging music that the people want to hear to make her the total package the world should get invested in.

Check out Gianni Mae “Watermelon Juice/ Bad Boy Killer” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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