Jess Chalker – Stupid Trick

Jess Chalker – Stupid Trick

The music you choose to start your day, can really determine what kind of day you will have. If you start off your day with somber sounds, that will more than likely be with you through the day and make things seem less enjoyable. Starting with hype music, you will have more energy to get through the day and when you have the music that feels good in it’s spirit, you will definitely love life more and Jess Chalker will make you do just that on her new song “Stupid Trick”.

Jess Chalker makes a feel good record that does wonders for the soul on the new song “Stupid Trick”. The sound catches you immediately with a nice retro touch to it, that has a fresh spin the works for perfection to set the tone for the magic that takes place. Once you enjoy the sound, you get to hear the amazing vocals of Jess that has so much presence to them, that you are able to take in the writing to the fullest that captures what a love song is all about.

Jess Chalker’s “Stupid Trick” is that amazing music that makes life so much better to enjoy. The music can brighten the darkest days, with a blissful energy to it that feels good to hear for every second she gives us. It’s next level music in every way with a big time sound that builds perfect throughout, the vocals that will melt you, and the writing that tells this story just right to make sure we get all we could want and more.

Check out Jess Chalker “Stupid Trick” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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