Tekh Togo – Art House (Prod by Mozaic)

Tekh Togo – Art House (Prod by Mozaic)

If you’re familiar with the site then you are also familiar with our love of Tekh Togo’s music. A Grand Rapids bred artist who can do it all. One of the best element of his style his ability to paint a picture with his words, as he’s able to bring intricacies to his approach, that can take the listener’s mind on a journey. For his latest release “Art House” he enlists producer Mosaic, to score his latest work.

Tekh Togo shows off his impressive pen to the fullest over this Mozaic produced beat on “Art House”. The sound is raw, and brings a certain level of grit, to Tekh’s glamorous style as you hear a production reminiscent of Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Board”. He’s focused and you hear the hunger in his voice, as the fire in him burns to set this track a blaze, with a masterful flow that is necessary to deliver his sharp rhyming that cuts through to the fullest.

Tekh Togo’s “Art House” is a powerful Hip Hop record that shows the power of his creative mind. With Mozaic lacing the beat, Tekh brings the ultimate concentration to his rhymes, and he takes to another level to show his supreme talent as an emcee. The sound is captivating and brilliant in it’s tone setting, with Tekh’s presence being commanding for every second to ensure, you’re able to take in this master class of rhyming on this must hear record.

Check out Tekh Togo “Art House (Prod by Mozaic)” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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