When you hear new music, as well as a new artist you hope yo hear something fresh. A sound that stands out as new, with a great approach to the music that stands out from everything else that you are accustomed to hearing. Having a stand out sound is surely a way, to separate yourself as an artist and pyrrhic has a stand out sound with his new song “ZODIAC KILLER”.

A must hear record full of replay value is what you get from pyrrhic on the new song “ZODIAC KILLER”. The song has a chill Trap sound that sets a good tone, with great synth work that brings bright lights to the music that helps him shine to the fullest. Once you get lost in the sound you hear his melodic flow that sounds amazing, and allows his presence to be felt majorly, as he delivers his heartfelt lyrics with the right amount of emotion to make sure we feel the music, just as well as we hear it.

If you need good music in your life then you should definitely add “ZODIAC KILLER” to your rotation. It is innovation and creativity on full bloom for the world to explore, with a fresh approach to the music that shows the fun discovering music can be. He marvels in making sure his talents shine in the music, and puts his all into it to make sure it’s a record that can last the times as well.

Check out pyrrhic “ZODIAC KILLER” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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