Cindy Zhang – Plastic. Love (Mariya Takeuchi Cover)

Cindy Zhang – Plastic. Love (Mariya Takeuchi Cover)

Happy Monday!!!! Hope everyone had a good festive weekend and ready to bring in the week just right here with us. For Mondays, excellence is always the key for us, as we make it a point to bring the best music out there to set things off right. To start off the week it’s a must we bring Cindy Zhang’s new rendition of Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love”.

Cindy Zhang taps into a classic to bring a must hear sound in the new song “Plastic Love”. Those familiar with the legendary Pop song, know that this a big feat to take on with it being such a revered song for the people, but Cindy Zhang handles it just right. She brings a fresh approach to the music with a slow intro, that lets her big time vocals shine to the fullest, before the music picks up and she takes it out of this world to truly make this song her own.

Cindy Zhang’s “Plastic Love” is everything that a cover should be, as it does the original the ultimate justice but also brings new life to it to make it her own. It’s an amazing body of music in every way with part of this song being enjoyable to hear. From the amazing production and masterful singing she gives her all to make sure we all have something to enjoy.

Check out Cindy Zhang “Plastic Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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