Artist Spotlight: Azizz

Artist Spotlight: Azizz

The great thing about music present day is that there no shortage of it. You can find music from many artists, with many different styles to fit one’s preference. As much music that is out there, it’s tough to find actual love songs now. Those songs rooted in soul, that conveys the emotion that goes along with the feeling, that it takes over the body, as you get lost in the music that describes how you feel. An artist who thrives in making love songs is Azizz.

Azizz is a 24 year old singer and songwriter that has a wide range of talent that shines to the fullest. He’s commanding in his approach, with a big time vocal performance that is on heavy display on songs like “More than enough”. His sound genre bends to a nice level as you get the perfect storm of R&B, Afrobeats, with a Hip Hop touch to make it a must hear vibe. The way he glides smoothly through the grooves, feels just as good as it sounds especially on his releases “hard forgetting” and “breathe” off his newest EP “Storm”.

A five track project packed with vibes and emotion that takes you back to the days of feeling the soul in the music, that makes for a timeless experience every time. Azizz gives you everything you could want from an artist and more with a stand out displays of music, in each of his records. If you need good music in your life, you should hit play and enjoy the major sound of Azizz.

Check out Azizz “Storm” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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