Union City Nights – On Track

Union City Nights – On Track

Something that will always make music felt it Funk and Soul. That timeless approach to the music that has been resonating for ages, as musicians put their heart int the music to make something that makes you feel the music in your bones. If you need that feel you love this ultra incredible record from Union City Nights called “On Track”.

Union City Nights bring an amazing record that captures life during lockdown in a cool way on the new song “On Track”. The sound captures you instantly with the boom bap drums knocking to keep you moving, as you catch the dreamy guitars, that set the ultimate for what he delivers. Once you feel the sound, you get to feel the vocals that have a sweet tone that glides over this production with ease, to make sure it delivers the writing to the fullest to bring this vision to life just right.

Union City Nights “On Track” is a record that does everything right and gives you a record that you feel in your bones. The writing thrives to the fullest and the singing does it part to make sure of that, as you get lost in the sound that you hope never ends. Hit play now and enjoy the magic of Union City Nights!

Check out Union City Nights “On Track” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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