Miinou – Tell Me

Miinou – Tell Me

Music is most exciting when you can hear the passion of the artist shine through in the music. That heart and soul put into the music, that you feel in yours as you get lost in the music. That element makes it relatable and truly something that you will keep coming back to, because of how real the experience is. That is on full boom on the new song from Miinou called “Tell Me”.

Miinou brings a must hear break up anthem for women everywhere on the new song “Tell Me”. The production has a sound that is ready for the world to hear, with major appeal to it that you can hear being played on radio stations all over. Once you get engulfed in the sound, you get invested in the lyrics with personal writing that you can feel to your core, with the singing being filled with the right amount of passion and vulnerability to it to paint this picture as best as possible.

Miinou’s “Tell Me” is a mega record with a major sound that defies subjectivity to make something undeniable. It shows the true power and beauty of music, with a heartfelt approach to the record to make it something that people can relate to, and enjoy when they need it most on this stellar display of art.

Check out Miinou “Tell Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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