MF Ralf – Pool Party

MF Ralf – Pool Party

Hip Hop is something that is plays heavily debated, as people argue what is the true essence of it. Some feel that it’s all about heavy lyricism, and that can be the case but Hip Hop in it’s true essence is Party music. A genre of music that started off at neighborhood parties at the park in the Bronx, and first heard around the world with the Disco influenced “Rapper’s Delight”. When you need together a party going, Hip Hop is always a go to and the new song MF Ralf carries the spirit of that.

MF Ralf brings a fun record full of vibrant energy that will make the people move on his new song “Pool Party”. The production packs major bounce, with knocking 808’s and a groovy bassline the sets the perfect stage for the vision he brings to life. His presence is commanding and impossible to ignore with such bravado, to his approach that it makes you buy into his artistry, as you take in the slick writing that he delivers with the ultimate conviction to make you feel the music just right.

MF Ralf’s “Pool Party” is a song you hear and you know the party has reached the most lit moment possible. It’s music you listen to that makes you want to dance, as you get to enjoy a fun record that also shows off his musical prowess as well, to make it the perfect storm of great music that’s worth every listen. Hit play now and enjoy the must hear sound of Mf Ralf!

Check out Mf Ralf “Pool Party” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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