Marian Hill – It Never Ends

Marian Hill – It Never Ends

The more you live life, the more you want to hold on to things that are enjoyable. Whether something physical or just the great memories, you have from an experience that you wish you could go back to. Those moments are what we live for, those true experiences that you hope never end as you wish you live them for a lifetime. That’s what Marian Hill dives into on their latest release “It Never Ends”

Marian Hill brings a record full of sweet melodies that feel good to the spirit on the new song “It Never Ends”. They say the best things are the simple ones, and that shines through on the minimalistic production, that has a nice bouncy feel to it that allows you feel the vocals and follow the writing to the fullest. The lyrics are well crafted as it dives into, wanting to hold on to enjoyable moment in life and hoping they never end, which is perfect for this record as you get to enjoy every second of it, with it hopes you get to get another verse of this must hear record.

Marian Hill’s “It Never Ends” is a fun record that lets the music do the talking. Each element of the music plays it’s part to the fullest, to make sure it gives the listener more than what they came with, as you get a musical experience that feels as good as it sounds to you. The music shines bright for us all to consume, and takes it to another level with thrilling visuals to bring it all to life in a special way.

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