Rita J x Neak x DJ RTST – Bussin’

Rita J x Neak x DJ RTST – Bussin’

Hip Hop is something that gives you give many sounds and flavors. Different sounds out there for everyone to take in and enjoy. As much music is out there it’s getting harder than ever to hear music, with that soul to it. That authenticity to it that you can feel, as you get a master class from your favorite emcees who give you that golden age feel that made Hip Hop rise to what it is today. If you need that music you can get it from Rita J and Neak on their new song “Bussin'” featuring DJ RTST.

Rita J comes together with Neak and DJ RTST to give the culture what they need on the new song “Bussin'”. The rhyming is filled with soul and gems that shine to to the fullest, as you are able to enjoy the flavor being put into he rhymes. The production sets the stage for it all perfectly with a nice horn samples to bring it all to life in a real way. To take it over the top you get to enjoy scratching courtesy of DJ RTST, that gives it that extra level authenticity to show an extra element of Hip Hop.

Rita J and Neak featuring DJ RTST “Bussin'” is a must hear record that shows the power of Hip Hop as well as the art of collaboration, as they all put their best on display to make one sound that gets better with every listen. IF you’ve been craving that real Hip Hop, they have all you could want and more on this amazing culture piece for the world.

Check out Rita J and Neak featuring DJ RTST “Bussin'” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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