Luke November – Queen Bee

Luke November – Queen Bee

Music is something that is truly subjective for the listener. Every one can hear the same song and all have a difference of opinion on the quality of it. That is the case for the average song but some songs just defy that type of subjectivity. Some songs are just undeniable and you know when you hear it, that its something that you must be apart of. That’s the case of Luke November’s new song “Queen Bee”.

Luke November delivers a hit in every way on his new must hear record “Queen Bee”. The production brings a chill sound that has a nice knock to it, that sets the tone for his style to flourish. His melodic flow is masterful in it’s delivery with a tone that feels good to hear, as he delivers the writing to perfection to make something that not only sounds good, but something that you can feel for every second.

Luke November’s “Queen Bee” is that super dope music that gives you all you could want and more. He brings a sure fire hit approach to the music, that resonates majorly as you can enjoy every aspect to the fullest, but he also delivers in the visuals as well, with a space age theme that shows just how out of this world this song is. If you love good music, you can hit play knowing you will get all you could want and more.

Check out Luke November “Queen Bee” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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