Duckwrth – We Outside/ Link Up Time

Duckwrth – We Outside/ Link Up Time

Some artists you hear and instantly you know how they make you feel, as you put it into words the you’re favorable or not of their work. Then there are some artists that are just so incredible that an infinite amount of words comes to mind, that it leaves you speechless as you try to come in to words of how amazing their music feels to hear. That’s the way that Duckwrth music makes us feel especially with his new releases “We Outside” and “Link Up Time”.

We Outside: The music takes you to the stars and his performance is the perfect guide to take you there. The sound is the perfect bridge of R&B music and Alternative Hip Hop, to make something that you feel in your soul for every second, as you get lost in the artistry. The flow is masterful in it’s melodic tone that gives the music that extra feel, as you are able to take in his heavy lyricism that sharp in the story telling, as well as packing lines that makes his pen shine to the fullest on a record that doesn’t miss.

Link Up Time: For this record he enlists Jordan Ward for the feature, as he brings more flavor to his flow, that shines over this production that brings knocking 808’s to push the song forward. The writing is slick with nice swagger to the feel of it, as you get to take in the catchy writing to the fullest. His flow has his signature tone but with an extra touch of flex, as you are able to vibe out to this record that knocks for every second.

Check out Duckwrth “We Outside” and Link Up Time”, as well as follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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