BAYLI – foreigner

BAYLI – foreigner

Great music has always been something that gives the people infinite reasons to enjoy the music. It can be the sound, or the talent that resonates in the record, or the story telling in the writing that keeps you engaged just as well as any visuals, you can see. As good as just having one of those elements, some songs just give you all of those things and more and BAYLI brings you one of those special experiences of music on her new song “foreigner”.

BAYLI brings must hear music and a must hear story on her new song “foreigner”. The soul that makes music connect with you, is what runs wild in her latest release. The vocals bring a special level of soul and emotion to the tone, to make you feel the music to another level as you get, to take in every element of this story to get the full picture of the artistry. The production plays it part to the fullest with a soulful cinematic approach to the music, that shines in the audio and visuals as well to make sure, it’s something that you will keep coming back to and enjoy.

BAYLI’s “foreigner” is a must hear release full of transparency that allows the listener to make a special connection with the person behind the music. The approach is daring as she bares her all to the world to digest, but pays off majorly as you get an intimate experience with the music, that will make it last with you for a lifetime on what is some of her finest music to date.

Check out BAYLI “foreigner” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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