Aurora Anthony – Magic

Aurora Anthony – Magic

Part of being an artist is being fearless. Understanding as much as music is about showing your talent, it’s also truly important to have a presence to you that helps your style stand out from the plethora of releases present day. Aurora Anthony has always showed a high understanding of this, and with his newest release “Magic” off his “TUNDE” album he shows off his full arsenal.

Aurora Anthony has always brought good music to the site, but on his latest song “Magic”. he makes some of his rawest art to date. He is powerful on this latest record as he commanding in his flow and lyricism that is sharper than ever, as each line packs a punch to make it a record you can feel for every second. The music is supreme quality with the production having a haunting sound, that sets the stage perfectly, while the rhyming sends chills through on this record filled with conviction.

Aurora Anthony’s “Magic” is that real Hip Hop rooted in the spirit of authenticity that this culture is known for. He brings a realism to the music that can’t be faked, as you hear in every line how much he thrives to be a large figure in the game, and with work like this he surely will be.

Check out Aurora Anthony “Magic” as well as his new project “TUNDE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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