Phantom Limb – Dumbo Return

Phantom Limb – Dumbo Return

Music stands out the most when it’s an experience. Those special songs that go beyond just hearing nice sounds, as you get captivated by the amazing music performed, to the level that it has all of your attention. Those songs are what keeps coming back for more to see what happens next, and Phantom Limb has that type of music with their new song “Dumbo Return”.

Phantom Limb marvels for every second on the new song “Dumbo Return”. The group name stands out instantly, with an engaging element to it that makes you want to hear what they sound like, as soon as you hit play you’re impressed. The sound is electrifying and you feel the energy of it instantly, with a big time feel that is matched in the vocal performance, to make sure it defies the subjectivity of music, to bring something undeniable.

Phantom Limb’s “Dumbo Return” is a daring piece of art, that shows how amazing music can be, when musicians come together to let their special sound speak for itself. It doesn’t follow any trends or try to fit in any box, but makes their own wave of music to sweep the listener up in their artistry that is worth every listen.

Check out Phantom Limb “Dumbo Return” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends.

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