TodaysGeneration x C05 – Why won’t you call me

TodaysGeneration x C05 – Why won’t you call me

Music sticks with the listener the most when it’s real. When you can feel the authenticity in the music, to give it that realism that connects with soul, as the artist gives their all to the music. That feel is what makes music something that has to be apart of our daily life, as we find music that fits the way we feel perfectly. TodaysGeneration and C05 come together to make one of those songs on the new release “Why won’t you call me”

Like legendary artists before his time, C05 makes music people can feel on the new song “Why won’t you call me”. What he is able to create is beyond one specific genre and can be considered modern day soul music, with the high level of emotion he makes you feel in the music. He gives you everything to create an incredible audio experience. The lyrics are intimate and thoughtful, while the vocal approach is genius in saying things the right way to push the point home.

TodaysGeneration and C05 “Why won’t you call me” is a must hear emotional masterpiece. The songwriting is masterful, the vocals have a commanding presence, while still having enough vulnerability to it to add that touch of soul, and it’s all over the right beat to make this an amazing display of music art.

Check out TodaysGeneration and C05 “Why won’t you call me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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