KALI – Lucy (Gentle Dom Remix)

KALI – Lucy (Gentle Dom Remix)

Fridays are always exciting as a music because you get to get music from your favorite artists. Even as a platform we have our artists who we fan out over, as we get to get a front row seat to witness greatness. An artist who we always love to cover is KALI. A young singer on the rise who doesn’t miss on the releases, with her latest remix by Gentle Dom of her song “Lucy” being an excellent representation of her must hear sound.

KALI comes together with Gentle Dom to bring an incredible remix of her song “Lucy”. The psychedelic disco touch to the music, flourishes as it brings amazing grooves that make you want to dance, while you are able to enjoy the lush writing that brings this love story to life. The vocals have a dreamy tone that floats over the music, as you get lost in the blissful feeling of the music, that makes you dream for every second you hear the music.

KALI’s “Lucy (Gentle Dom Remix)” is amazing music that shows how creative music can still be, as you get a full experience of music to enjoy without limits. For new fans of the sound you will be able to sicker a brilliant tune that will make you want to hear more, and for established fans you will be able to appreciate the growth in her forever forward sound.

Check out KALI “Lucy (Gentle Dom Remix) below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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