Wildest – Parasol Shopping

Wildest – Parasol Shopping

To stand out with music, more than ever you have to be able to capture the listener’s ear instantly. In a time where there are so many songs to compete with, it’s a must that you bring something to the table to stand out from all the other artist’s out there. That stand out sound is what keeps people invested, and that’s what you get from Wildest on their new song “Parasol Shaping”.

Wildest delivers an out of this world sound like no other on the new song “Parasol Shopping”. It doesn’t waste a single second, with the glow of the music shining to the fullest. The production builds well throughout to take you on a journey, that makes you want to explore this world of music they have brought you to. The vocal performance bring that extra level of excitement to make sure you can enjoy every second to the fullest, as it delivers the writing just right to truly give you everything.

Wildest’s “Parasol Shopping” is everything you hope to hear when hearing new music. The approach is fresh in every way, as it gives new life to the culture. It’s daring in it’s approach with it’s own unique sound being on full bloom, and pays major dividends for the must hear collective.

Check out Wildest “Parasol Shopping” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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