Fridays are always our day to post the best music out there for people to enjoy. Being a day with so many releases from our favorite artists and groups, we try to do our best to sort through them to make sure we bring the music that we know you will enjoy every second. With a song like “IT”S OKAY” from PICTURES we know we got the job done.

PICTURES shows why they are one of the most exciting groups to hear present day on the new song “IT’S OKAY”. The music is layered to perfection with engaging elements, that shine throughout as you get to hear the authenticity in the music shine to the fullest. The vocals are intense and fit the big time feel of the music perfectly to help the writing stand out, on this record that is captivating for every second they give us.

PICTURES “IT’S OKAY” is that stellar music that you can’t ignore or deny. Everything about this song is major, as you get a full experience of music to enjoy. They capture you with the daringness in their sound that captivates you with every listen, as you get lost in every element of the music from the writing, production, and vocals to make sure you keep listening for time to come.

Check out PICTURES “IT’S OKAY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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