Avery Raquel – Helpless

Avery Raquel – Helpless

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for an even better weekend. For the end of the week we always make it a point, to bring music that is brilliant in it’s approach, to make something for everyone to enjoy. That music that we know can defy preference, and be enjoyed by anyone who listens. That task was made easy with the new song Avery Raquel called “Helpless”.

Avery Raquel brings a record with soulful appeal that’s worth every listen on the new song “Helpless”. The music is excels for many reasons, including it’s ability to be something to relate to. The writing takes on a relationship ending, in a real way to make but something every one can feel, and is delivered with the right amount of soul to make sure you feel the music religiously, over this smooth production that plays the perfect score for the vision brings to life.

Avery Raquel’s “Helpless” is that authentic music that people can enjoy and feel alike. The soul in the music creates an intimate experience for the listener to connect to, as she gives her all to the music to get you through. She gives a high class display of musicianship to make something that shows off her talent majorly, and gives the people the more they need, to keep music alive.

Check out Avery Raquel “Helpless” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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