MEGG – Disney Shit

MEGG – Disney Shit

It’s always fun as a music fan to be captivated by an artist’s sound. That electrifying energy to the music that makes you feel the sounds in your spirit, as you get to be engulfed in the waves of the music. It’s enjoyable for many reasons as you not only get to hear a fun sound, but also get to feel the artist’s presence in real way to make them an undeniable force to ignore. That’s what you get from MEGG on the new song “Disney Shit”.

MEGG brings an amazing Punk and Pop blended sound that you will love every second of on the new song “Disney Shit”. The big time approach to the music stands out majorly, as you get a fresh sound that embodies everything you can hope to hear when listening to new music. The vocal performance matches the energy of the music to the fullest and delivers the daring writing just right to make sure you get all you could want and more.

MEGG’s “Disney Shit” is a brilliant display of music that was meant for the world to hear. It’s masterful in it’s ability to not only make music that’s enjoyable to hear, but fun music that makes people feel good while they here it, with an infectious charisma to her approach that makes you buy in to the star that she is.

Check out MEGG “Disney Shit” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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