Cassidy Mann – Election Night

Cassidy Mann – Election Night

As much as we all hear music, sometimes it’s easy to forget how much of an art it actually is. In a time where music is consumed more than ever, one can just look at it as something routine instead of enjoying the intricacies that help everything come together. The new song “Election Night” from Cassidy Mann is a fresh reminder of how much of an art it is.

Cassidy Mann delivers brilliant story telling on the new song “Election Night”. The music sets the ultimate tone for the writing flourish, as it all progresses to create a vision for the listener to follow and get invested in, just as much as any cinematic work out there. To deliver the writing you get her amazing tone that serves as the perfect guide for us, to feel the music with her angelic tone doing wonders to the soul with every note.

Cassidy Mann’s “Election Night” is the perfect song to show the magic of a well written song that is poetic in it’s approach. It’s packed with the story telling that makes people lifelong fans of music, as you get a chance to enjoy something that you can get lost in. If you love good music there’s something for you to enjoy for every second.

Check out Cassidy Mann “Election Night” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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