AUSTEN – The Fire

AUSTEN – The Fire

In a time where you can feel like you’ve heard it all, it’s always refreshing to hear innovation in the music. That creativity to the music that helps it stand out, as you get to explore a new sound like you’ve never heard before. Those type of songs keep you being a fan of music, and AUSTEN’s new song “The Fire” is one of those type of incredible records.

AUSTEN brings you an amazing sound you can get lost in on the new song “The Fire”. The dreamy approach to the sound is a match made in heaven wit the vocals, with a tone that feels as pure as walking on air. The sound genre blends to an exciting level, and lets the writing flourish to the fullest as you are able to enjoy each element of the song to the fullest.

AUSTEN’s “The Fire” is that must hear music that makes you more enjoyable to be a fan of with it’s presence. The creativity shines to the fullest, and shows us all there’s still so much more innovation left in music to discover, with this daring work of art being a shining example of that fact. If you love fresh new sounds, this song will give you everything you will love and more.

Check out AUSTEN “The Fire” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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