Alley Rocket – Stimmy

Alley Rocket – Stimmy

Music can make you feel a lot of things, including the artist’s energy. That energy that the artist can give off, effects the way you take it all in especially when you hear an artist that is there zone. That type of energy is infectious and Alley Rocket gives you that and more on his new smash “Stimmy”.

Alley Rocket brings high powered rhyming on his fresh new release “Stimmy”. The flow wastes very little time to shine, with him riding the pocket of the beat with ease, with a braggadocios tone in the verses that, throws the oop to the chorus packed with appeal. The flow isn’t the only thing that shines about his game, with his pen being masterful in it’s crafting of the rhymes, to show off his full game as an artist.

Alley Rocket’s “Stimmy” is that super dope Hip Hop that shows what happens when you bring upper echelon rhyming, with a digestible sound that any one who loves good music can enjoy. It bridges the gap between authentic emceeing, and music that the culture will love, with a supreme approach that makes it an undeniable body of work.

Check out Alley Rocket “Stimmy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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