Naciya –  Attention

Naciya – Attention

Music that sticks with you is music with that soul to it. Those songs you can play and the spirit of the song resonates with yours, to feel the music just right. You can always count on a genre like R&B to give you that music you can feel, as well as have a message to it that is uplifting to get you through. That spirit is what runs wild in the new song from Naciya called “Attention”.

Naciya gives a self love anthem to enjoy on the new song “Attention”. On the surface there’s so much to love with a smooth R&B sound, with a fresh to it that resonates to the fullest as well as set the tone for the vocal for flourish. Her singing has a commanding presence to it, that is masterful in it’s tone to deliver the writing to perfection. When you dive into the writing you catch more magic, with a message about self love that the people need to hear now more than ever to make this, a work of art that gives you everything.

Naciya’s “Attention” is worth all of yours. She uses the power of her music to give people more than what they came with. In a time where everything seems to be about vanity and validation, she delivers something pure and honest to let you know there is no love like self love. It’s a record full of good vibes and soul to make it a song that will last with you through the times.

Check out Naciya “Attention” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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