Brotha Josh – What’s Going Down

Brotha Josh – What’s Going Down

Some music just has a vibe to it that’s unexplainable. Those smooth grooves to the music that makes you feel good, as you are able to leave your problems behind, as you get lost in special intricacies of the music. That music is the type of music that you keep in your rotation, for the best times of your life as you want to hear songs that fit the blissful feeling you feel. Brotha Josh brings that type of music on his new song “What’s Going Down”.

Brotha Josh brings a sound that will do wonders to the soul on the new song “What’s Going Down”. The instrumentation brings a soulful funky feel to the music, that you feel in your bones to the point you have to move, with every melody feeling just as good as the next. To match the sound you get an incredible vocal performance that makes you feel the music even more, with a mastery in the tone that delivers the writing to perfection to make sure you feel it all.

Brotha Josh’s “What’s Going Down” is the type of music that one listen will never be enough for. With each listen it gets better, as you are able to. just enjoy the artistry as fan, with an undeniable sound that defies any subjectivity that one can have. It connects in every way to make brilliant music, but also gives us something we can feel to make it a timeless body of work.

Check out Brotha Josh “What’s Going Down” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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