Nicky Jam x Jhay Cortez – Magnum

Nicky Jam x Jhay Cortez – Magnum

To be synonymous with a genre of music is truly a major feat. An artist can make a certain of genre of music, and still not be who people think of when the sound is mentioned. To do that you must make ground breaking music that stands out as something definitive. When you think of Rock and Roll you think of a group like Rolling Stones, or Hip Hop you might think of someone like 2pac. For Reggaeton music, you definitely think of Nicky Jam and he shows us why on his new song “Magnum” featuring Jhay Cortez.

Nicky Jam and Jhay Cortez come together for the electric collaboration on the new song “Magnum”. They truly give you all you could ask for, with an impressive display by both artist. The verses are filled with raw lyricism with real content to bring that special level of authenticity to the music that resonates well. Everything is delivered masterfully by their flows that packs presence to make you, feel the Reggaeton sound with a fresh approach to the fullest.

Nicky Jam featuring Jhay Cortez “Magnum” is that exciting music that you can hit play on and enjoy a total experience of music. They deliver musically at a high level to make something that sounds amazing, as well get people to enjoy a festive time. The music shines in the audio but even more in the visuals to make you see the special sound come to life to the fullest.

Check out Nicky Jam featuring Jhay Cortez “Magnum” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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