Sweet Nobody – Young In Love

Sweet Nobody – Young In Love

Music is at it’s best when it something you can feel. Those songs that represent exactly how you feel to the point, you feel you two introduced to each other in a divine way. It’s those songs that are timeless because, the soul in the music is something that can last you a lifetime and Sweet Nobody brings one of those songs on the new release “Young In Love”.

Sweet Nobody brings a love song that you will feel in your spirt on the new song “Young In Love”. The acoustic approach to the sound does wonders, with each guitar melody tugging at the heart to set the tone perfect for the art to shine. Once you her the vocals it has you, with a vulnerable tone that you hear the yearning in, as it pulls you in emotionally to a religious level, while you get lost in the music that describes that feeling of love perfectly.

Sweet Nobody’s “Young In Love” is the music rooted in soul, that will connect with your most honest version of yourself and feelings. It’s that music that bares itself to you to the point, you admire it because of the truth put into the music, that says everything you can’t put into words. It’s excellent musically in every way, but even more it’s timeless music you will love and feel every second of.

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