FCG Heem Featuring NoCap – Hood Story

FCG Heem Featuring NoCap – Hood Story

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start the week off right. For Mondays we always bring the best content to start the week off right. That content that stands out as must hear for us to bring to the audience, to set the right tone for the week. The ultimate tone setter is the latest release from FCG Heem featuring NoCap called “Hood Story”.

FCG Heem and NoCap come together for the heartfelt “Hood Story”. The record thrives in the authenticity that Hip Hop is known for, with each artist pouring their soul into the music to tell this story just right. The writing goes deep as it represents the voice for the people, with story telling that the real can feel with their vocal approaches being filled with conviction to make it that much more realer, over this piano driven beat packed with knocking 808’s to set the tone for the art to flourish.

FCG Heem featuring NoCap “Hood Story” is that music packed with realism that paints a vivid picture for the listener to follow, as well be something the people can connect too. The talent shines through majorly but even more they give you that more, music needs to give you something filled with heart that will last the times with the listener.

Check out FCG Heem featuring NoCap below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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