Talia Jackson – 19

Talia Jackson – 19

Growing up is truly a struggle of finding the perfect storm. Being young you know you want to enjoy this precious time of your life with no pressure, but you also have such desire to grow up that it can leave you stuck, as we all try to figure things out as best as we can. Add on being a star that grew up in the entertainment industry like Talia Jackson, one is surely going to have to grow up fast and she captures this on her new song “19”.

Talia Jackson delivers the perfect coming of age love story on her new song “19”. The approach by Talia is daring, and real as she makes a record that makes the world slow down. The writing shines in it’s beautiful articulation, of her life moving fast, but finding someone that makes life better through the madness. The singing is strong enough to carry the message to the fullest, and it’s all over a production packed with appeal to bring the perfect level of artistry.

Talia Jackson’s “19” is a timeless piece of art that will last the times. The song thrives in its relatability with the authenticity and soul in the music being everything that people keep coming back to a record for. It shines musically in every way, while making something special to make the listener leave with more than they came with.

Check out Talia Jackson “19” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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