Some music just has a vibe to it that makes you feel good when you hear it. That special quality to it that makes life more enjoyable, as you get a fresh reminder on why music is something that you fell in love with. That type of music comes when an artist dares to be creative to bring a stand out sound, and thats what you will love most from mATTwALKSoNwATER on his new song “RETAIL”.

The spirit of creativity and high class innovation is what you get from mATTwALKSoNwATER’s “RETAIL”. The abstract spaced out sound sets the ultimate tone, with 808’s knocking just right to build engagement for the listener to follow. With the tone set he delivers majorly with a melodic flow that is masterful in it’s tone, as well as giving off an infectious charisma to make you feel the music in a real way.

Everything to love about music is on full bloom on this incredible release. It shines in its authenticity, and the trueness in the sound, as it doesn’t follow any formula but dares to take a chance in the music, that pays off to make the is a song you will be wanting to keep in rotation for time to come.

Check out mATTwALKSoNwATER “RETAIL” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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