Dexter Kelly x Bredman – Okay, Alright

Dexter Kelly x Bredman – Okay, Alright

People come to music for many different reasons, but now more than ever people come to music for feel good vibes. That music you can hit play and instantly you get lost in the music, as you leave all your problems at the door with every groove and melody. That sweet sound is what you get from Dexter Kelly and Bredman on the new release “Okay, Alright”.

Dexter Kelly and Bredman come together for a feel good end of Summer jam called “Okay, Alright”. The music brings a dreamy Afrobeat sound that works to perfection. Setting the ultimate tone that you can feel, as the music does wonders to the soul, as you get lost in the grooves. To match the sound they bring the right vocal performance that is masterful in it’s tone, to make are you enjoy the writing to the fullest on this special record.

Dexter Kelly and Bredman’s “Okay, Alright” is that incredible music that makes you a fan instantly. It’s great music that sounds just as good as it feels to hear, to make sure it has unlimited replay value with the listener. If you love good music you can get lost in, you will love and enjoy every second of this fresh new release.

Check out Dexter Kelly and Bredman “Okay, Alright” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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