LF-FLO Featuring Honey B Sweet – NO NEW

LF-FLO Featuring Honey B Sweet – NO NEW

As an artist you can take the music any direction. You can give the people a song with a message to give them awareness, or you can make song for them to have to and leave all of their problems behind. You can also give them the perfect storm of both, like LF-FLO does on the new song “NO NEW” featuring Honey B Sweet

LF-FLO and Honey B Sweet bring a fun sound filled with substance on the new song “NO NEW”. On the surface you get a high energy sound in the production that makes you want to dance, as you get lost in the grooves of the music. Matched with the vocal approach that has the charisma stars, to make you buy into the infectious energy they bring, but when you listen deeper you hear lyrics with depth, as they take on materialism in a creative way to show the best things in life cost nothing.

LF-FLO featuring Honey B Sweet “NO NEW” is a major sound that the world can enjoy. They bring the total package of artistry for fans everywhere, with everything about this record being enjoyable. The music is exciting for every second, her presence is commanding to make you buy in, and the writing is strong to make sure they give the world the more we all need.

Check out LF-FLO “NO NEW” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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