Groov Marro – Back’n It Up

Groov Marro – Back’n It Up

If it’s any genre of music that’s known for it’s flex its Hip Hop. A genre that people expect to hear a commanding presence on, that’s unapologetic in it’s approach to deliver something incredible for us all to buy into. That type of energy makes someone you favorite artists, as you get invested in the conviction in the music. That energy is what you feel on Groov Marro’s new song “Back’n It Up”.

Groov Marro brings a high energy sound that will get you out of your seat on the new song “Back’n It Up”. As soon as you hit play the music knocks to the fullest, with a club sound that you can see being played all over the world. His presence is felt right away, with major flavor in his style that tears into the production in a real, to make sure people get his best for every second, which is more than enough on this super dope record that doesn’t slack in any category.

Groov Marro’s “Back’n It Up” is that fresh music that sounds like the soundtrack to a city, with a sound you can hear bumping out of speakers everywhere. He’s relentless in his approach to make something for the people to enjoy, but also showcase his high caliber talent, to hit every mark on what is a must hear release from this amazing talent.

Check out Groov Marro “Back’n It Up” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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