Ellis Newman – Overrated

Ellis Newman – Overrated

Nothing motivates more than music. More than a record that had a message that can pick you up from your struggle. A record that feels good to the spirit that you want to get up, and make the most out of life. That type of music isn’t always easy to find but, we have it with Ellis Newman and her new song “Overrated”.

Ellis Newman has an undeniable feel good smash on her hands with the new song “Overrated”. Ellis is able to tackle making a record with substance, and a record for the masses on this special tune. The song vocally is impressive, with great appeal to it. The songwriting is perfect in it’s story telling, and has a message that you can feel more than ever, as she takes on the vanity on social media to make it relatable for the masses.

Ellis Newman’s “Overrated” is a stellar tune ready for the world to enjoy. It exceeds in every category of music from the production that’s radio ready, the great songwriting that is uplifting, and the amazing vocal performance that makes this a record sure to take off.

Check out Ellis Newman “Overrated” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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