Dear Elephant – Smells Like Thunder

Dear Elephant – Smells Like Thunder

Happy Friday!!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to bring in the weekend as best as possible. For Fridays we always bring the best of the best content, to make sutra we do our part. That music that is undeniable and must be heard by the masses. That’s the way that Dear Elephant’s new song “Smells Like Thunder” makes us feel.

Dear Elephant brings an amazing sound that does wonders for the spirit on the new song “Smells Like Thunder”. The creativity in the sound is one of the record’s greatest assets, with a brilliant approach that makes sure it is layered to perfection. With the tone set the vocals melt you with every note, with a tone that feels good to hear, as it delivers the writing to perfection to make it a perfect song, if there ever was one.

Dear Elephant’s “Smells Like Thunder” is the perfect song to show where high level artistry and appeal meet. The song is musically unmatched, with an out of this world sound that makes you want to keep listening over and over again, vocally it has a dreamy tone that feels like you’re walking on air, and the writing brings the vision to life to the fullest on this must hear record ready for the world.

Check out Dear Elephant “Smells Like Thunder” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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